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Saturday, 08 May 2010 06:40


LEGYASHA       :    Start

WORDEGA       :    Stop

YUSHANDA      :    Equal

WOLDRSHAA    :    Get Ready

WOCHATKA      :    Take it

SPEEN             :    White

SHIN               :    Green

KATASHAH       :    Bow

OGATAH          :    Winner

MUKO              :    Warning

OWAZA           :    Disqualify

TURA              :    Sword

SQAYER          :    Player

MASHER         :    Master

ASHAP waza    ;-  Horse stance

Gharba waza   ;- Cat Stance

Justan Paszanie ;- Jump Kick

Paszadan          ;- Back Kick

Namie Charkish ;- Round Kick

Sow Paszanie    ;- Side Kick

Nerrow Paszanie ;- Thrust Kick

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